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Welcome to Torrencia!

The Torrencians (Tor) are members of a Guild formed in 2005 by Kaitrin Torrencia. We are a group of people of all ages with at least two things in common: We enjoy playing Guild Wars and we like to have fun! We strive to help out our fellow guild members and are fairly active in GvG. We are typically in the top 1000 on the guild ladder, and when we are you can look us up on the Guild Wars website. Mostly, however, we seek to have fun. Isn't that the purpose of any game?

May 14, 2007

New officer.

Congratulations to Marillion Bloodbane who is the newest Torrencian officer!

posted by Jade

March 13, 2007

New cape.

Zeidaks won our cape-design contest and our Cape and Hall page has been updated to reflect that change.

posted by Jade

February 13, 2007

Guild of the Week!

The Torrencians have been listed as the Guild of the Week!

posted by Jade

November 19, 2006

New member!

Welcome to our newest member, Zeidaks!

posted by Jade

November 9, 2006

New guild hall.

We recently switched our guild hall from the Isle of Meditation to the Isle of Solitude, one of the new Nightfall guild halls. The Cape and Hall page has been updated to reflect this.

posted by Jade

October 11, 2006

New member!

Welcome to our newest member, Risu!

posted by Jade

August 28, 2006

New member!

Welcome to our newest member, Node!

posted by Jade

August 23, 2006

New members!

Welcome to our newest members, Arquen and Turin!

posted by Jade

August 11, 2006


Just updated Assorted Strangeness to include the presence of Rotscale in Majesty's Rest.

posted by Clasko

July 28, 2006

Nightfall PvP event!

The GW Nightfall PvP Preview started today, allowing players to create PvP characters from both new professions, the Dervish and the Paragon.
On another note, I've removed the Glitch Report section, and renovated Where in Tyria. It's no longer a game, but a place to show the remarkable natural (and unnatural) beauty of Guild Wars.

posted by Clasko

June 2, 2006

Image Shrinking!

Kaitrin informed me that the pictures on the site were taking up a lot of bandwidth, so I went through and shrank them down a bit. Hopefully it will help.

posted by Clasko

May 27, 2006

New Forum!

We have (another) brand new forum, courtesy of Jade, who even made an awesome Torrencian skin for it! I moved the links to the old forums into the Old News section. Thanks, Jade!

posted by Clasko

May 14, 2006

Sorry... (Again)

Sorry I haven't updated since March... Anyways, Factions is out and we have a new Guild Hall! Welcome to the Isle of Meditation, complete with waterfall, turtle, fireball-tossing statues and miasma. Discussion on the turtle's name on the forum.

posted by Clasko